About KDH Dance Company

KDH Dance illuminates everyday encounters and uses both substance and wit to transform the mundane into the meaningful. The work is shaped by personal experiences that inspire odd and amazing connections to the people around us and remind us that what we do matters.

The company has accumulated numerous awards and recognitions including Outstanding Dance Concert by the Austin Critics Table, several nominations for Best Dancer, Best Choreographer, Best Original Score and Best Dance Concert, and invitations to perform and teach at dance festivals, conferences and other events.

In addition to dancing for Austin audiences, KDH Dance has toured extensively throughout Texas and has performed in several major North American cities as well, garnering critical acclaim from the Dallas Morning News, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and the New York Times among others.

Audition Information

Because of the collaborative nature of the company’s work, dancers interested in joining KDH Dance should be proficient in modern dance techniques, contact improvisation and partnering, improvisation and choreography. The best way to audition for the company is to take Hamrick’s Advanced/Professional Class on Wednesday nights at Café Dance.


Something heavenly happens every time one of Kathy Dunn Hamrick’s dancers unfolds her arms and lifts her chest to the ceiling. The KDH Dance Company…collects beautiful dancers, who unfurl their limbs with elegance and breath.
— Austin American Statesman