Café Dance is dedicated to providing a space for people of all ages to explore the possibilities of movement. The community of professionals that practice at Café Dance independently offer a variety of classes including modern dance for children, modern dance for adults, yoga, and NIA technique. Take a moment to get to know our community members to find the right fit for you.



Kate Warren

Modern Dance, Yoga, & Senior Yoga

Kate Warren, dancer, teacher, choreographer, was born in Austin,TX and attended Texas Tech University where she trained as a repertory dancer. She danced with several companies including Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company and Chaddick Dance Theater. Kate has performed in works by over 30 choreographers, some of which include David Gordon, Margaret Jenkins, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane, Merce Cunningham, and has performed in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Mexico, and Minneapolis. Her choreography has been performed by Wanderlust Dance Theater, Motor Dance, Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company and Chaddick Dance Theater. Her pieces, “Fugue State” and “Exceptional Utopias” were nominated for best choreography by the Austin Chronicle. Investigation, movement intelligence, and deep listening are the starting points of every class. Technique is taught from a Feldenkrais point of view which inspires technical pondering. Each dancer is looked at and encouraged to insert themselves in the middle of possibility. Throughout the class, the dancers are guided and prodded towards their artistry which results in honest and daring dancing. Students describe these classes as quietly difficult, permissive and humbling, with mind boggling phrases that feed the dancing soul.

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Kathy Dunn Hamrick

Modern Dance

Kathy received her MFA in Peformance and Choreography from Florida State University. She has taught at Stephen F. Austin State University, FSU and the University of Texas at Austin, and currently teaches at Austin Community College and St. Edwards University. She is Artistic Director of the award-winning modern dance company, the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company.
Hamrick’s movement requires a quick and intelligent mind, a sense of humor, and a daring to trust the moving and still body. Dance phrases are all about the detour with bad-ass and compelling floor work.

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For more information on the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company, visit their website.


Alison Dolan

Modern Dance

Alyson Dolan is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher with a BFA in Dance from Florida State University. Alyson has had the opportunity to perform and present her choreography throughout the United States, as well as teach and set work on professional companies, students, and individuals of all ages, abilities, and experience. Her interest in artistic collaboration has also lead her to work with visual artists, writers, composers, and musicians, in addition to fellow movement artists. Currently Alyson is the Resident Choreographer for Fuzión Dance Artists in Sarasota, Florida and a dancer with Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company here in Austin. Classes begin on the floor and continue with a constant reminder of deeply rooted contact. Spacious, athletic, and often inverted phrases are explored and have been described as lush and clear with a horizontal, painterly sweep. Dancers are encouraged to bring awareness to sensation, movement efficiency, and individual performance throughout class, promoting introspection, ownership, and acknowledgement of our unique bodies. A rich sense of community and support is fostered as the dancers are guided to fall, roll, and fly across the floor together.

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Michele Owens

Children’s Modern Dance

Michele grew up in her mother’s dance studio, London School of Dance, in Dallas where she was inspired to continue dancing at the University of Texas and the University of Utah, earning an M.A. and the Dee R. Winterton Award for Excellence in Dance. Michele believes dance is a universal human experience that has the ability to touch all people regardless of age, background, or ability. In addition to teaching children at Café Dance, she directs the preschool dance program at Mt. Olive Lutheran School and is the founder and director of WINGS, a dance project for people with disabilities. Bold, kind, and dedicated, Michele transmits the joy and meaning of modern dance to students in an innovative, evolving, and loving environment.

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Charles MacInerney

Yoga: Expanding Paradigms


Charles teaches yoga asanas in a nurturing and meditative style.

His primary goal is to help students improve their breathing and to increase their self-awareness, confidence, and independence.

Charles blends the precision of lyengar yoga with the well balance structure of the Himalayan Yoga tradition, and a playful, joyful approach to practicing yoga.

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Amanda Doan

Nia Technique

Several years ago a friend brought me to a NIA class. Instinctively I knew it’d be good to stay with it, not just for the exercise, but also to have an activity in my life that gave me room for creative expression. I believe in group exercise, because you just do more in a class than you would on your own. I enjoy dancing and moving with others. Teaching NIA has helped me stay commited to being healthy, and the joy of movement helps me get more out of life.

Through movement we find health. Good muscle tone keeps joints healthy and bones aligned.
All of the NIA moves are derived from nine classic movement forms: three each form the martial arts, the dance arts, and the healing arts.
These moves provide conditioning of the large muscle groups, as well as the small, intrinsic muscles close to the bone.
Making the movements an expression of you- your own unique rhythm, body language, and emotions allows you to be yourself and have fun.

All fitness levels welcome! Sundays 4-5 pm

$10 per class CASH or CHECK at the door

Email Amanda for more information. Visit the NIA website to learn more.